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Kien Restaurant

Kien Restaurant

143 Nghi Tam Street, Tay Ho. Hanoi


Tel: 04.62972021 – 04.3 829 4142

Hotline: 097.83.999.83 - 0983.430.136

Being a restaurant in a youthful and cozy fashion, Kien is more and more popular thanks to its offering various types of Vietnamese wine and simplistic accompanying dishes collected from various places within the country.
You can fully enjoy a sense of adventure through your dining here. 100 dishes are wisely selected after the owners’ journey to unfold the path to nature, including roasted grasshopper, Northwestern smoked sausage, H’mong-style steamed chicken with wine, kitchen-hung pig, forest vegetables, and other hot pots.  
You also have the opportunity to enjoy unusual dishes such as steamed rice with ant eggs, ant egg soup, duck tongue, edging mussel, duck breast, chicken cartilage and so forth.
Quán Kiến Quán Kiến
Xôi trứng Kiến tuyệt ngon và lạ (chỉ có từ tháng 4 đến tháng 7 dương lịch) Lẩu cá giòn
Quán Kiến Quán Kiến
Lợn gác bếp xào su su Lẩu riêu cua

Most recently, specialties of Thai minority in Son La have been introduced, including:
- Pa pho (grilled fish with phrynium),
- Nhua pho (grilled pork with phrynium),
- Nhua khoai pho (grilled buffalo meat with phrynium), and
- Pa pinh top (whole grilled fish).
Particularly, water buffalo’s skin salad offered here has been praised by journalism at times. Such renowned TV channels as VTC, HTV, and VTC specially broadcasting programs on exceptional cuisine have once recorded Quan Kien, which is also referred to as a distinctive address for its unique taste.
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Chuỗi đặc sản Thái - Sơn La Nộm da trâu
Quán Kiến Quán Kiến
Nhái rang muối lá lốt Bọ cạp chiên giòn
Quán Kiến Quán Kiến
Chân giò chiên Óc tần đặc biệt kiểu Kiến

Private space is available for couples who prefer serenity and warmth and appropriate meals for a change. The basement is the best place for diners to enjoy such peace.
Quán Kiến Quán Kiến

Second and third floors are perfect for wine party and friend gatherings with capacity of 70 seats per floor. You will have a great time with your friends, colleagues or a fun party for your baby.
Quán Kiến
Quán Kiến Quán Kiến
Convenient parking lot opens daily from 9.00 am to 10.00 pm.
For more information, please contact us.

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